Hiking in Vegas

When my friend asked me if I wanted to hit up the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a couple of years ago, I figured … why not?
I’m not really into gambling and all the entertainment along the main tourist strip in Las Vegas but I was very interested in seeing if there would be any opportunities for outdoor activity.  I could only handle so many shows and technology presentations.

After looking around for some options, I came across Neil Sobelson’s Hike This!

My friend and I didn’t want to rent a car but we needed someone to help guide us through a good hike or in this case, an awesome rock scramble.  Neil, who I will say is one of the best guides I’ve ever met, picked us up from the hotel and took us to Red Rock Canyon.  A beautiful conservation area that thankfully … most of the tourists who visit Las Vegas … don’t make time for.

Hiking through a valley in Red Rock Canyon

The rock scrambling was a solid challenge and Neil was excellent at determining whether we would be ready to tackle certain parts of Red Rock Canyon.  I figure he must’ve had lots of experience and from speaking with him during our day out, he knew Red Rock Canyon inside out.

The landscape was stunning to look at (love the red!) and it was fun observing my friend who is not an outdoors type of person at all go hiking, but one of the most memorable things was simply having that opportunity to meet Neil himself.  Very personable and after our awesome hike, he even took us out for lunch!  We did not anticipate that whatsoever and were floored.  On top of that Neil would often take photos of us along the way as we scrambled up boulders or inched our way down a rock side.

This wasn’t the only outdoor activity we tried in Vegas.  My friend and I also went kayaking from the base of Hoover Dam, but that’ll be a story for another time.