Reflection [Oct 3 / 15]

I’m trying to put into practice, an approach of making notes over the week about things that I felt strongly walking away from.

I watched a TED Talk by Linda Cliatt-Wayman, a Philadelphia high school principal.  She is an incredbly powerful speaker, and I imagine quite the leader.  Her talk described who approach to tackling a complex and challenging situation in the high school where she is principal. I stepped back and gave it some more thought to try and apply what she said to other situations.

Key lessons:

1.  If you’re going to lead, LEAD.

Leading means taking on the responsibility and helping to create momentum and energy to 

2.  So what? Now What?

There are always going to be tons of information influencing your decision and your teams decision.  The key is understanding what is truly important.  The rest is noise or distraction.

3. If nobody told you they loved you today, you remember I do, and I always will.

Work will always be work. There is never a shortage, but the people – whether colleagues, family, friends, citizens, or customers – we should believe that there is greatness of all forms in them.