Step One: Towards Minimalism and Travelling Light

Over the past couple of months my friends and I have begun discussing plans for a trip to Peru and one of the biggest challenges is the agreeing on “how” to travel.  It’s probably one of the most peculiar debates to have come up but everyone has their own preferences around how they would like to travel.
For instance, some friends would prefer to avoid tourist traps entirely while others want to see the major attractions.  There are friends who want to travel and explore without depending on guides while others are not comfortable without having a guide in an unknown territory.

My take?  It’s really all about how much time you have.  If you have the time to spare, I completely encourage everyone to explore without the use of guides, but at an age where many of us are tied to vacation time for work, guides provide a service that really helps to optimize the travel opportunity.  I think there are benefits to all types of travel but there is a scenario that suits each “style” of travel.

Generally speaking, I’ve found myself shifting towards travelling lighter and lighter.  Ever since I started to camp in the backcountry, one of the major challenges I’ve confronted is the amount of “stuff” that I have to bring.  There’s all the camping gear, and then if you’re an avid photographer, there’s even more camera gear than camping gear!

I may enjoy photography, but it’s hard to enjoy yourself in the nature when you’re lugging around more than your own weight (I exaggerate).  So as I began to contemplate why I travel and why I hike or backpack, I decided to try and let go of all the things that I typically think I need in order to be prepared.

So as I plan towards Peru 2013.  One of my first steps has now been to sell off all my camera equipment.  It’s a bit weird this time of year for me as I’ve been trying to get rid of my stuff while everyone else around me has been busy acquiring new things for others or for themselves.

My First Goal:  To simply have one lens and one camera for documenting my travels and adventures.  Will report back soon.

Hiking down Mt. Crawford

The next step will be to sort out how I will pack for Peru and other adventures in the future.