Another EveryTrail Alternative

So … on and off … I’ve written about EveryTrail alternatives.  There have been good options, free options, not-so-easy options, and so on.

My sister recently graduated from University of Toronto with her computer science degree and the scene for developers is tough these days, very few jobs for a recent graduate.  While she’s job hunting, I’ve been talking with her about the challenge with embedding maps on to blogs and not being locked into a platform.

She ended up building her solution called Map-A-Trail.  You can upload your GPX file and it’ll generate an map and elevation chart that you can embed on your blog.

You’ll notice there’s a possibility of cute overload, but that’s just how she operates.  Check it out, try it out, and maybe give her some feedback — but be nice and constructive about it. 🙂

I’ll be testing it out myself more thoroughly but so far it looks like it has got potential.  Obviously, I am to be biased as an older brother but you can trust that I don’t accept using clunky apps.

Map-A-Trail example screenshot


Transitioning to an EveryTrail Alternative

Over the past month or so, I’ve found that EveryTrail’s maps — which I’ve embedded quite often in my blog posts — have appeared to be unable to load and I have had issues uploading GPS tracks.  It even appears that EveryTrail’s community is gradually leaving given that the site does not seem to be fully operational.  It’s rather sad since I had been using EveryTrail for quite some time. After searching around for a solution, I finally came across a worthwhile and brilliant solution.  Rather than uploading it on to EveryTrail, I’ll simply host the GPX file on my own site with the WordPress plugin, Google Maps GPX Viewer.  I have to express my thanks to ATLsoft for creating and providing this free version.

You’ll begin noticing that for any new blog posts, I’ll be using this GPX viewer to map out the hike.  I will eventually get around to changing the maps for other blog posts to the new GPX viewer.

Update [Oct. 4 2015]:  Karol Szklarski of TripTrack approached me to try out their embed capability out.  Now that I’ve migrated away from WordPress, I’ve begun introducing embedded maps via TripTrack.  Generally speaking, TripTrack’s embed functionality is pretty simple and straight forward, although I wouldn’t mind a way to extract embed codes in bulk rather than going to each map.  TripTrack’s done a great job presenting itself as a new alternative to EveryTrail and I look forward to and hope for the addition of features to embeds such as altitude and speed.

Update [Nov 25 2015]: TripTrack is now charging a fee of about 5 dollars a month ($50 per year) if you require uploading more than 10 trips or GPS tracks.  I’m currently looking into some additional alternatives should someone not want to or can’t afford the fee.

Update [Nov 29 2015]: Did some further research on more EveryTrail alternatives.  Read on!