Trying to Bicycle 50km with Hills

I knew it would be difficult but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be.  The other weekend, my friend had to take her bike into the shop for a tune-up not realizing that it’d take more than a day to tune it up.  It had taken quite a bit of rust over time — a result of water damage.  Sometimes it’d sound as if springs were going to just explode and fly in all directions.

Anyhow, while the weekend wasn’t due for a training session — I set out to go for a test run with my bike.  Discovered that the hills did take a toll on my endurance in my attempt to tackle 50km but that also my allergies were literally destroying me.  The weather had gotten warmer … trees were starting to bud, dandelions blossoming, pollen in the air … you get the idea.  I am quite the sight… looking like I’m crying all the time.

Test Ride with the GoPro
Test Ride with the GoPro

So as I make my way on to the East Don Parkland trail in North York, starting near Leslie and Sheppard — I soon run into signs indicating that parts of the trail were closed for construction.  Really?  Now??  Suffice to say, that it was a pain turning around and having to make my way all the way around to another entrance point on to the trail.

I only made it 35km … between the hills and allergies … I was just too tired.  On the bright side, I successfully tackled a really big uphill afterwards on the way home.

I was hoping to get a successful time-lapse on my GoPro.  This was a test run after all but I soon realized once I got home and uploaded everything onto the computer that it didn’t work out.  A 10 second time-lapse just doesn’t work well so after some research, I’m going to give the 2 second time-lapse a try — fingers crossed!