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Recent Journeys

Almost all places I visit are gems in their own right, but the real ones — they’re often the ones that I either had no idea about or had little to no expectations of.

A few are frequently observed and seen on a daily basis but not considered impressive — SSDD to many eyes; other gems begin initially as merely figments of my imagination when they were mentioned in a novel or in classical and contemporary literature — only to become a-sort-of-fiction-turned-reality type experience.

Curiosity, wanderlust, and the yearning to explore and discover.  To document what is not necessarily new to the world, but new to me.

KILIMANJARO, Lemosho Trek – Tanzania

Hike up to “the Roof of Africa” for New Years Day 2016?  Potential altitude sickness?  Experience the local latrines on the mountain?  Why not?  I joined a group to tackle the Lemosho Route back in December, and you can see what it was like.

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BRUCE TRAIL – Ontario, Canada

So how long does it take to hike a trail that is close to 900km long?  Well, we’re still going at it and you can follow along.

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kumano Kodo – Japan

One summer, I decided to visit my friend in Osaka and along the way — take a long walk on an ancient pilgrimage trail.

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