Tree Planting Policies vs. Allergies

I love trees, but I don’t like allergies.

I’ll state upfront that I don’t know all the facts about trees nor allergies.  I just know that I am an allergy sufferer.  I get allergies year-round but every Spring, it is like going through hell.  It feels like it gets worse over time, even with medication.  This could be due to a number of factors but an interesting city-based policy on tree-planting may have more impact than we might think, and I’m curious.

I live in the city of Toronto, and I decided to write to the department responsible for tree planting and the department responsible for health to see what they have to say.  Here’s my email to them:


Hi there,

I’m emailing both the
departments responsible for Forestry and Health in the city because I
would like to inquire if and what the plan is around the planting of
trees across the city of Toronto.

As someone who suffers
from year-round allergies, with the changes in climate – I’ve noticed
my allergies and the allergic responses of other allergy sufferers have
gotten worse over time as I’ve lived in Toronto for over 30 years.  Also
something discussed in National Geographic last year:

like to inquire if the City of Toronto is planting female trees and if
not – will there be consideration to begin the planting of female trees
and changing the policy of only planting male trees?  Given that
according to an article from 2013 in the Hamilton Spectator, male trees
in the City of Toronto represented 96% of the tree population – this is
a both a tree-planting policy and health issue for Torontonians who are
allergy sufferers or have asthma.

that the City of Toronto is intending on increasing the number of trees
planted in the city, I think this is a concern that should be taken
into consideration.   As this CBC article points out, whether it is
climate change or not – there is an increasing number of people
experiencing allergies.

appreciate the work that is being done by all parties to improve the
city, but I am hoping to learn more on what the City of Toronto is doing
(if anything) to address this growing issue.  If someone could please
inform me about what the City of Toronto is doing about this – or
direct me to the right person to speak with about these issues, that’d
be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

~ Ehren

Author: Ehren Cheung

An explorer of life and data. Reluctantly philosophical. A seeker of the ultimate cookie. Another tree-friendly soul with an affinity for hiking and sketching.

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