An Attempt to Plan for the Greenbelt

Aside from doing some regular uphill training, I’ve been playing catch up since a recent one-week long road trip out to Maine.  As much as the Greenbelt Route is well promoted, the documentation to actually plan out your own trip is a little more difficult than I thought.

Planning each Day of the Route

The tricky thing is that some sections of the Greenbelt Route have more access to accommodation than others so attempting to plan out certain days cycling the route is difficult.  In addition, the GO Trains and Via Rail trains bike racks are not always readily available.  It’s good to read up on this earlier so I’ll incorporate this into my planning for next year.

It appears that these bicycle rack-equipped trains are only available until September 5th which is unfortunately because I’d prefer to be cycling in mid to late September rather than in August.

What to take along and how to pack

Bikepacking example
Bikepacking example via

I’ve also been trying to figure out what to bring along and how I should pack.  It’s actually quite fun and interesting because I’ve been pursuing a more lightweight and minimalist approach to hiking, so to only have everything with me on a bike is an added twist on the approach.  Fortunately, there have been some great information online on bikepacking … sometimes too much.

I do have to do some maintenance on my single-person tent and re-waterproof some of my gear from hiking.  Unfortunately, I still have to modify some more of my bike which means possibly adding a front pannier rack, and a couple of bike packs for easy storage.  I’m also considering replacing my bike saddle/seat — which is a little tricky because it’s a mountain bike which I’m technically using for bike touring.

More training to come so we’ll see what’s next in coming weeks…!

Additional Links of Interest


Another EveryTrail Alternative

So … on and off … I’ve written about EveryTrail alternatives.  There have been good options, free options, not-so-easy options, and so on.

My sister recently graduated from University of Toronto with her computer science degree and the scene for developers is tough these days, very few jobs for a recent graduate.  While she’s job hunting, I’ve been talking with her about the challenge with embedding maps on to blogs and not being locked into a platform.

She ended up building her solution called Map-A-Trail.  You can upload your GPX file and it’ll generate an map and elevation chart that you can embed on your blog.

You’ll notice there’s a possibility of cute overload, but that’s just how she operates.  Check it out, try it out, and maybe give her some feedback — but be nice and constructive about it. 🙂

I’ll be testing it out myself more thoroughly but so far it looks like it has got potential.  Obviously, I am to be biased as an older brother but you can trust that I don’t accept using clunky apps.

Map-A-Trail example screenshot