The “Hum” of Productivity

Interesting TED talk by Shonda Rhimes.  Not a new topic but rather a very poetic and eloquent way to express a writer’s need for a form of work/life balance.  The ability to focus on work or in order to produce the desired outcome – requires the addition of play.

Why is it that so many of us when we get older feel guilty when we spend time playing?  We think we have chores, books to read, things to learn, work to prepare for …

“You multiply your time by giving yourself the
emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you
more time tomorrow.“ – Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden another TED Talk speaker, discussed multiplying your time.  A very different topic … I know. 

Perhaps not as different as we think?  The essence of play will help with focus and productivity.  Or rather, from Shonda’s perspective … it is fuel and energy.

Author: Ehren Cheung

An explorer of life and data. Reluctantly philosophical. A seeker of the ultimate cookie. Another tree-friendly soul with an affinity for hiking and sketching.

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