Hiking the Cup and Saucer Trail

The trail was great.  It was full of fallen trees.  This made for a great hike but it was also difficult because when holding a camera and trying to climb over some huge tree or ducking down, balance is a huge issue!  I got injured once during this trip.

Having started 2015, I took a look at my photographs from my first real hike in 2006.  Prior to that, my family and I went on numerous road trips across the United States.  These opportunities to see so many beautiful places led me to eventually yearn to photograph and hike deeper into the natural environment.  I knew I wasn’t ready but a friend from university years ago had told me about the Cup and Saucer Trail in Manitoulin Island and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to take my first step in learning how to camp and hike!

A great view of the escarpment.  It really shows how high you're going as you go up the Cup and Saucer trail.

The Cup and Saucer Trail provided a perfect and straight forward hike to some very beautiful views along the escarpment. I wanted to return for another visit in 2010 but the weather wasn’t co-operating. Perhaps in a year or so, I’ll get to take in the atmosphere of this beautiful island once again.

The Cup and Saucer Trail had many lookouts (or as I keep on saying, outlooks), this would be one of the great views of the eastern part of the island... i think.