Taking in the scenic California Route 1

California Route 1

About eight years ago, I took my first step into the state of California with my family.  I had immediately understood why so many people love this state — the diversity of natural environments is simply astounding and their respective natural landscapes are so inspirational.  Being an avid reader of books by John Steinbeck, I really appreciated the vivid descriptive verbiage he used in his stories that involved different parts of California as a backdrop.

Driving along Route 1 was one of the first things we did after arriving in Los Angeles.  We couldn’t help but keep stopping off to the side of the road to look out into the Pacific and admire the beautiful Californian coastline.  The lush and vivid spring green, deep blue and turquoise blues, and the golden yellows or reds in the landscape really differentiated itself from the greens and earthy colours that I was accustomed to in Central Canada and the North-Eastern United States.

There were so many instances of the drive along Route 1 from Los Angeles to Monterey where we wanted to stop but it just wasn’t possible.  We even had the opportunity to see a number seals sun bathing.  I also noticed some trailheads — if I were travelling on my own, I’d definitely want to spend some more time along the coastline and even doing some hiking in the area.

I’ve returned to California again but mainly stayed in San Francisco.  I hope to explore more of California in the near future.


Author: Ehren Cheung

An explorer of life and data. Reluctantly philosophical. A seeker of the ultimate cookie. Another tree-friendly soul with an affinity for hiking and sketching.

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