Time Well Wasted Out in the Snow

Stomping around in almost knee-high snow after the snowstorm

So over the past two days, we’ve experienced a little more snow than we’re accustomed to in Toronto.  We’re not the only ones who got hit but of course but it’s quite amazing how people in a rush to do their day to day tasks forget how amazing it is to have snow in our presence in the first place.  Then there are the folks who enjoy their time laughing or cracking jokes at Toronto (although I really don’t know if they’d enjoy the snow anymore than the average Torontonian).

Either way, I am an avid fan of snow and I only wish Toronto received more.  Nonetheless, I decided to stroll (stomp) around the neighbourhood and see how the public spaces were fairing.  Most sidewalks that weren’t associated to a private property or a public facility weren’t cleared leading most residents to walk on the street.

One can find it quite refreshing to see blankets of white across all the houses, trees, and fields.  In fact, snow-covered trees is one of the few favourite elements of winter that come to mind consistently.  Curiously, no one’s playing in this park?  Still shoveling themselves out of the driveway?

Snow-covered parkette

I’m always eager to see what the trees and the forest looks like after a good snowfall.  There aren’t really any forests per se in the neighbourhood but I knew of some public spaces with a fair number of evergreen trees so I did some more stomping and leaping in and over the snow.  Didn’t bother with the snow pants — I was only in jeans (I know, any outdoors person knows jeans are typically bad but I was feeling lazy). At least there were some fresh tracks made by others.

Fresh tracks in the snow

Given it was already early afternoon, I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised with a fair number of snow-covered trees.

A few snow-covered trees

Many of which were covered with icicles which was a very rare treat in Toronto!

icicles on the tree

I’m always fascinated around the use of public spaces (although I’m not necessarily one to always use them) so I went over to the community centre nearby and was happy to see people out and about enjoying a game of hockey or throwing themselves into the toboggan!

hockey and public space

I attempted to walk and leap through the deep snow only to nearly get stuck in waist-high snow — I really should have brought snowshoes but either way, it was a nice distraction and break from all the work work and school work. We may not all like the snow and the cold, but I think there’s something to be enjoyed and cherished in the brisk cold air and snow-covered landscapes (urban or nature).

trees on top of a hill